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Cornerstone for Hospitality

Consistently Train & Develop Employees

Develop employees to cultivate loyal customers and increase profits with Cornerstone's integrated, end-to-end solution.


In today's economy, leveraging employees is key to cultivating loyal customers and increasing profits, yet managers often don't have the time to focus on training and engaging their workforce. Cornerstone for Hospitality delivers unified talent management technology that allows organizations to address turnover rates, manage and develop employee competencies and deliver brand consistency with a robust, highly configurable solution.

Retailers, stores and businesses face many unique challenges when it comes to people management. Cornerstone for Hospitality allows these businesses to address turnover rates and helps them deliver brand consistency by connecting decentralized field organizations with the initiatives of corporate properties and franchises.

With Cornerstone for Hospitality you can:

  • Streamline field operations and consolide systems on a single platform with global flexibility
  • Reduce training costs with virtual classrooms delivering eLearning across hundreds of stores and franchises
  • Drive better sales with informal social learning
  • Ensure customer loyalty through a consistent and enjoyable brand experience with engaged and knowledgeable team members

Cornerstone for Hospitality Solutions

Unified Talent Management for Hospitality

Cornerstone’s technology and services enable hospitality organizations to address turnover rates and deliver brand consistency by connecting decentralized operations with the initiatives of corporate properties and franchises. Cornerstone is the only pure cloud-based unified talent management solution delivering software and services the improves every aspect of the employee experience. Cornerstone partners with hotels, restaurants, transportation and other hospitality organizations to deliver solutions that help leaders understand the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee possesses so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent; execute training and learning initiatives to address any skills gaps; and measure and manage performance against organizational goals.

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